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Transform Glass Quality Inspection with Cutting-Edge Machine Vision Technology

Developed and rigorously tested, our software offers an impressive precision rate, ensuring accurate and reliable results in glass quality control. With EasyODM, you can optimize your production outcomes and achieve superior quality standards in the glass production industry.

How Machine Vision Defect Detection Works

By employing advanced imaging technology and machine learning algorithms, EasyODM enables precise identification and classification of defects, enhancing glass product quality and operational efficiency.


Effortlessly capture visual data of glass products using your existing video monitoring hardware and software or recommended partner solutions.


Extract crucial attributes like pattern, color, texture, and surface defects from glass images to gain valuable insights.


Train machine learning models using labeled glass images to differentiate between acceptable and defective glass.


Identify and highlight irregularities or anomalies on glass surfaces, including stains, cracks, chips, scratches, bubbles, misalignments, distortions, and other flaws.

Defect Detection Use Cases in the Glass Industry Through Machine Learning

Machine learning in the glass industry enables precise defect detection, allowing for the identification of flaws such as scratches, cracks, bubbles, chips, uneven thickness, and other imperfections, ensuring superior quality control and delivering flawless glass products.

Cracked glass bottle machine vision detection ML soft easyODM


Detect and address cracks in glass bottles to ensure product integrity and safety.

Faulty painting glass bottle defect detection easyODM

Faulty painting

Identify and flag bottles with imperfect or faulty painting, maintaining visual aesthetics and brand quality.

Faulty glass bottle joint detected with easyODM AI

Faulty joint

Efficiently detect and manage bottles with faulty joints to prevent leakage and maintain product quality.

EasyODM Advantages for the Glass Sector

Unlock the power of EasyODM for the glass industry and experience improved defect detection, streamlined production, and consistent high-quality glass products.

Unmatched Accuracy

Discover the unparalleled accuracy of EasyODM software, providing unbiased inspection results to ensure precise quality control in the glass industry.

Continuous Performance

Our software operates tirelessly, maintaining consistent and reliable quality control for glass products over extended periods without getting tired.

Safety in Challenging Environments

With EasyODM, you can confidently conduct inspections in high-risk glass production environments, prioritizing the safety of your workers.

Reliable and Consistent Results

Rely on EasyODM for dependable and consistent quality inspections, ensuring reliable performance for your glass products.

Precise Compliance with Instructions

Achieve precise adherence to instructions using EasyODM software, eliminating any subjective interpretations and ensuring accurate control over glass quality.

Efficient Defect Detection

Harness the powerful capabilities of EasyODM to detect a wide range of glass defects and anomalies, delivering highly accurate quality inspections.

Explore the World of EasyODM for Glass Quality Control

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