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EasyODM is partnering with second largest automotive seat producer worldwide.

How EasyODM Industrial Machine Vision Software Works?

We take pride in the simplicity and efficiency of the system that frees up your employees, saves costs and ensures your brand reputation due to excellent visual quality inspection practices.

The software collects video feed from on-site cameras;
– Does not require any changes to your production line (Non-intrusive installation).
AI performs video data analysis: searches for defects, sorts or monitors distribution.
Analytical dashboard shows the results.

What Kind of Material EasyODM Inspects?

EasyODM industrial machine vision software is fully customizable and can be trained to recognize defects on any material: leather, cotton or synthetic fabric, wood, concrete, glass, metal, plastic and other materials.


defect detection on wood surface


defect detection on fabric surface

Industrial Machine Vision Software Case Studies

Read the success stories of our clients from different manufacture industries that have harnessed AI’s potential with EasyODM

Automotive Seats AI Defects DetectionV2

Automotive Seats AI Defects Detection

Automated AI Quality Control in Lamella Flooring Manufacture A Case Study

AI Quality Control in Lamella Flooring Manufacture

PET Preform AI Quality Inspection A Case Study

PET Preforms AI Defects Quality Inspection

Why EasyODM?

Why Choose EasyODM
Over Manual Inspection?

Experience the benefits of advanced machine vision for streamlined and accurate quality inspection.

Enhanced optical resolution for superior accuracy.
Ability to measure absolute dimensions and intensity values precisely.
Expanded “visible” spectrum for comprehensive detection capabilities.
Rapid and precise calculations for efficient analysis.
High processing speed to handle large volumes of data quickly.
Reliable and persistent memory for consistent performance.
easyODM machine eye software vs human eye

Advantages of EasyODM
Industrial Machine Vision Software

Unbiased and Objective

EasyODM software provide impartial and unbiased inspection results.

Persistent Performance

The system maintain consistent and reliable performance over extended periods.

Fatigue-Free Operation

Unlike humans, the software do not experience fatigue, ensuring continuous inspection without degradation in accuracy.

Unquestionable Compliance

The software follow instructions precisely without any subjective interpretation.

Operational Safety

The system can perform inspections in hazardous or risky environments, ensuring the safety of human operators.

Fit for Your Manufacturing Workflow

Discover the Versatility

EasyODM industrial machine vision software offers unmatched versatility and can be adapted to various industries, ensuring accurate and efficient visual inspection across different sectors.

automotive car seats textile defects detection


Achieve accurate and efficient automated quality inspection in textile manufacturing.

glass AI quality inspection


Ensure meticulous quality inspection in glass manufacturing and processing with AI technology.

pharmaceutical AI quality control


Enable rigorous quality control in the demanding pharmaceutical industry using advanced AI techniques.

wood quality control


Enhance quality assurance and defect detection in wood manufacturing processes with precision.

Unleash the Potential of Machine Vision

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Marius Kvedaravicius easyODM cofounder
Marius Kvedaravičius
Chief Executive Officer
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