AI-Driven Automated Grain Sample Analysis

A solution for laboratory workers, replacing the monotonous and error-prone ±30 minute manual processes with a high-accuracy, less-than-one-minute automated system.

– 30x faster inspection;
– 30x cost savings;
– 96% detection accuracy.

AI-Driven Automated Grain Sample Analysis
Transforming Industry Standards

Benefits of AI-Driven Grain Analysis

Implementing AI-driven grain analysis enhances your production quality and efficiency, securing your competitive edge in the market.

Time Efficiency
Automating the grain analysis process significantly reduces the time required for manual inspection, allowing laboratory workers to focus on other essential tasks.
Enhanced Accuracy
Technology achieves top-notch accuracy, ensuring precise sorting and quality control. Consistent and reliable results eliminate the subjectivity of human judgment.
Cost Savings
The AI-driven system reduces operator labor costs compared to expert inspectors and ensures you pay the right price for the quality received.
Reduced Physical Strain
Eliminating the repetitive manual sorting improves worker well-being and productivity.
Objective Evaluation
AI-driven system provides consistent and standardized assessments, ensuring that grains meet strict benchmarks and reducing the errors due to fatigue or oversight.

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How AI-Driven Grain Analysis Works?

EasyODM software empowers laboratory workers with advanced tools for efficient and accurate grain analysis, enhancing productivity and precision.

Data Collection

Our system captures detailed images of grain samples using high-resolution camera.

Image Processing

The collected images undergo advanced processing techniques to identify grains.

Deep Learning

The processed images are analyzed to distinguishing between different types of grains and identifying impurities.


The results are displayed in real-time, allowing for immediate further evaluation.

EasyODM grain sample analysis

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Laboratory technician analyze grain samples

Comprehensive Grain Analysis

Discover precise and efficient grain analysis with our AI-powered system, capable of detecting a wide range of quality parameters and impurities to ensure top-tier grain quality.

Sorting and Grading
Our system categorizes grains based on size, quality, and type, grading them according to established standards.
Quality Control
The system inspects for defects, damage, or contamination, ensuring that grains meet quality benchmarks.
Purity Testing
It identifies and separates foreign materials or impurities, ensuring the purity of the grain samples.
Shape and Size Analysis
Measuring the physical characteristics of grains to ensure they meet specific requirements.
Color Analysis
Using color metrics to assess the quality and type of grains, ensuring consistency in appearance and quality.

Food Grain Sorting with Computer Vision Case Study

Learn how computer vision technology revolutionizes food grain sorting. Dive into our comprehensive case study for insights and results.

Food Grain Sorting with Computer Vision Case Study (1)

Versatility in Grain and Seeds Analysis

Our AI-driven software is capable of sorting and classifying a wide range of grains and seeds. This versatility makes our solution ideal for various agricultural and food processing applications, providing reliable and accurate sorting for multiple grain and seed types, including but not limited to wheat, barley, hemp, soybeans, corn, chickpeas, quinoa, beans, sesame, canola, flax, and others.

wheat grain


Identifies and sorts different varieties, ensuring high quality and consistency.

barley grain


Detects impurities and defects, maintaining the integrity of the barley production.

corn grain


Accurately classifies kernels, improving the quality of processed products.

barley grain


Segments and sorts different types of rice grains, enhancing processing efficiency.

oats grain


Distinguishes between unhulled, hulled, and rolled oats, ensuring precise sorting.

Food grain Classification and Segmentation 1

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