AI-driven Textile Quality Control System

Our advanced solution has been rigorously tested and boasts an impressive precision rate of 99% in textile quality control. Rest assured that EasyODM software delivers reliable and accurate results for optimal production outcomes.

Textile Quality Control with easyODM

Data Capture

Utilize your existing video monitoring hardware and software or leverage our recommended partner solutions to seamlessly capture visual data of textile products.

Pattern Characterization

Get valuable insights by extracting relevant characteristics such as pattern, color, texture, and surface defects from textile images.

Machine Learning (AI)

Train models with labeled textile images to distinguish between acceptable and defective textiles.

Defect Detection

Detect and pinpoint deviations or abnormalities in textile surfaces, such as stains, tears, holes, knots, snags, pilling, uneven dyeing, misprints, fading, skewing, shrinkage, seam slippage, wrinkles and other.


How AI Quality Control Works

Leverage the power of EasyODM in the textile industry to streamline your quality control processes. Our seamless software integration and advanced techniques enable precise defect detection, ensuring enhanced textile quality and operational efficiency.

AI-Driven Defect Detection Use Cases in Textile Industry

Explore the wide range of defects that can be detected and pinpointed in textile surfaces, including stains, tears, holes, knots, snags, pilling, uneven dyeing, misprints, fading, skewing, shrinkage, seam slippage, wrinkles, and more.

hole defect detection with easyODM machine learning


Through the use of machine learning algorithms, EasyODM can accurately identify and address holes in textiles, ensuring the integrity and quality of the fabric.

spot defect identification with easyODM AI software


Leveraging advanced AI software, EasyODM detects instances of spots on textiles, enabling timely repairs and minimizing material waste.

Wire ai defect detection easyODM


Our machine learning system efficiently spots and manages wire defects in textiles, ensuring optimal utilization of the fabric and reducing potential defects in finished products.

Advantages of EasyODM for the Textile Industry

Unlock the Unmatched Benefits of easyODM Automated Visual Inspection Software.

Superior Objectivity

Experience the exceptional objectivity of EasyODM software, providing unbiased inspection results for precise quality control in the textile industry.

Nonstop Performance

Our software works tirelessly, eliminating the effects of fatigue on inspection accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable quality control for textiles over long periods.

Safe Operations in High-Risk Environments

EasyODM empowers you to carry out inspections in demanding textile production environments, ensuring the safety of your operators at all times.

Consistent and Reliable Results

Trust in EasyODM for dependable and consistent quality inspections, ensuring reliable performance for your textile products.

Follow Instructions with Precision

Ensure precise adherence to instructions using EasyODM software, removing any subjective interpretation for consistent and accurate control over textile quality.

Powerful Defect Detection

Leverage EasyODM’s advanced capabilities to detect a wide range of textile defects and anomalies, ensuring highly accurate quality inspections.

Uncover The Secrets of Flawless Automotive Seats

Dive into our insightful case study to learn how our innovative solutions transform the automotive industry.

Automotive Seats AI Defects DetectionV2
Tap into the Power of EasyODM for Textile Quality Control

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