Automated Inline Quality Control

AI-Driven Visual Quality Inspection

Experience the future of quality control with EasyODM machine vision software designed to detect defects and ensure flawless production across various industries.

Streamline Operations
Maximize Savings

Our automated visual quality inspection software optimize efficiency, minimize defects, and significantly reduce production costs, resulting in substantial annual savings for our valued clients.

Defects reduction by


Exceeding Competitors, Cost Advantage by


Our clients on avg. save annually

130k Eur

EasyODM, in partnership with the world’s second-largest automotive seat producer, is leveraging machine vision technology to detect seat wrinkle defects.

Empower Quality Inspection
EasyODM – Machine Vision Software

EasyODM combines the power of computer vision and machine learning to revolutionize quality inspection, enabling machines to unlock the cognitive capabilities of AI and transform data into actionable insights.

✔ 99% Accuracy

Similar solutions on the market reach 95% accuracy of defect recognition.

27x faster

With EasyODM software, quality control is by 27 times faster than performed by human.

✔ User-friendly

Flexible and compatible with any video monitoring setup, no production line modifications required.

Don’t Miss Out

Unlock Cost-Saving Opportunities

Don’t let inefficiencies drain your resources. Act now and reach out to our sales team to discover how EasyODM can revolutionize your quality control process, saving you valuable time and money. Our experts are ready to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and maximizes your savings potential.

Our Clients Success Stories

Dive into the success stories of companies from different industries that have harnessed AI’s potential with EasyODM

Automotive Seats AI Defects DetectionV2

Automotive Seats AI Defects Detection

Automated AI Quality Control in Lamella Flooring Manufacture A Case Study

AI Quality Control in Lamella Flooring Manufacture

PET Preform AI Quality Inspection A Case Study

PET Preforms AI Defects Quality Inspection

Versatile and Industry-Ready Solution

Our highly flexible software is designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries, offering a powerful and adaptable solution for efficient quality inspection.

automotive car seats textile defects detection


Ensure precise automated quality inspection in textile manufacturing.

glass AI quality inspection


Facilitating meticulous quality inspection in glass manufacturing and processing.

pharmaceutical AI quality control


Enabling rigorous quality control in the challenging pharmaceutical industry.

wood quality control


Enhancing quality assurance and defect detection in wood manufacturing processes.

plastic bottles manufacturing


Defect detection and quality assurance in plastic production manufacturing processes.

Rytis Augustauskas easyODM CEO
CTO & Co-founder of EasyODM

Rytis Augustauskas, Ph.D

“Cultivating innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, we at EasyODM strive to deliver cutting-edge software solutions that revolutionize the way industries approach quality inspection. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology, empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. Together, we are shaping the future of visual inspection.”

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our strong partnerships with industry leaders enable us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, we revolutionize the landscape of quality control.

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Join our vibrant community of customers and partners revolutionizing the future of defect detection.

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Marius Kvedaravicius easyODM cofounder
Marius Kvedaravičius
Chief Executive Officer
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