PET Preform AI Quality Inspection A Case Study

PET Preforms AI Quality Inspection: Case Study

In the fiercely competitive PET preforms manufacturing landscape, maintaining impeccable quality standards is paramount.

This case study showcases how EasyODM machine vision software enhancing PET preform production for a leading manufacturer.


Our client, a prominent PET preform manufacturer, faced a significant challenge: ensuring consistent color quality within the desired spectrum while efficiently detecting even the slightest color deviations.

Different shades of PET preforms
Different shades of PET preforms


EasyODM’s cutting-edge AI-powered quality inspection system was introduced to transform the PET preform production process.

Seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing production line and PET molding machine, this system promised to provide real-time color analysis and precise defect detection.

PET Preforms AI Inspection Concept
PET Preforms AI Inspection Concept

Technical Implementation

  1. Real-Time Color Analysis: EasyODM’s system harnessed advanced computer vision algorithms to perform instantaneous color analysis on each PET preform as it traversed the production cycle.
  2. AI-Enhanced Defect Detection: The AI model was meticulously trained to identify the correct color spectrum and efficiently detect even the subtlest color deviations.
EasyODM machine vision software PET preforms inspection interface
EasyODM machine vision software PET preforms inspection interface


  1. Immediate Alerts: In cases of color deviations, the system triggered instant alarm notifications, ensuring swift corrective action.
  2. Audible and Visual Alarms: The solution included both audible alarms and highly visible light sirens (>80dB) for immediate response to deviations.
  3. Secure Data Storage: The system stored data securely for future analysis and compliance requirements.


EasyODM’s AI-driven quality inspection solution redefined PET preform production for our client.

By harnessing advanced technologies and turning real-world data into actionable insights, EasyODM empowered the client to achieve exceptional quality control, reduce defects, and optimize operational efficiency.

This case study underscores how AI-driven innovations can lead to transformative improvements in manufacturing quality and competitiveness.

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