Unlock The Potential of AI-driven Quality Inspection in The Wood Industry

Our cutting-edge machine vision technology is tailored to meet the unique needs of the wood sector, revolutionizing wood quality control and enhancing production processes.

Automated wood quality inspection

Data Acquisition

Capture visual data of the wood products using your existing video monitoring hardware and software.

Feature Extraction

Extract relevant characteristics such as grain pattern, color, texture, and surface defects from the images.

Machine Vision

Train models using labeled images to differentiate between acceptable wood and defective wood.

Defect Detection

Detect deviations or abnormalities in the wood surfaces, including cracks, chips, knots, and other defects.


How Automated Visual Inspection Works

With EasyODM, you can seamlessly integrate our software, employ advanced techniques, and ensure accurate defect detection for enhanced wood quality and operational efficiency in the wood industry.

Machine Vision Use Cases for Wood Sector

In addition to identifying and addressing cracks, detecting chipped wood, and efficiently managing live knots, EasyODM can also be utilized for tasks such as detecting warping, identifying decay caused by fungi or other biological factors, detecting insect damage, identifying splits and checks in the wood fibers, detecting discoloration or stains, analyzing grain irregularities, identifying knots and cross grain.

Cracked wood inspection with easyODM


EasyODM can accurately identify and address cracks in wood surfaces, ensuring the integrity and quality of the wood.

Faulty wood polishing inspection with easyODM


By leveraging machine vision algorithms, we can detect instances of chipped wood, enabling timely repairs and minimizing material waste.

Defected wood live knot inspection with easyODM

Live knots

Our machine vision system efficiently spots and manages live knots in the wood, ensuring optimal utilization of the wood and reducing potential defects in finished products.

Advantages of EasyODM for the Wood Sector

Experience the Unmatched Benefits of EasyODM Automated Visual Inspection Software.

Unmatched Objectivity

Benefit from the impeccable objectivity of EasyODM software, delivering unbiased inspection results for precise wood quality control.

Fatigue-Free Performance and Endurance

Our software operates tirelessly, eliminating the impact of fatigue on inspection accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable wood quality control over extended periods.

Operational Safety in Challenging Environments

With EasyODM, you can confidently perform inspections in hazardous or risky wood production environments, prioritizing the safety of your operators.

Consistent and Reliable Performance

Experience unwavering performance with EasyODM, delivering consistent and reliable quality inspections for wood products.

Accurate Compliance with Instructions

Achieve precise adherence to instructions with EasyODM software, eliminating subjective interpretation for consistent and accurate wood quality control.

Comprehensive Detection Capabilities

Harness the power of EasyODM’s expanded “visible” spectrum to detect a wide range of wood defects and anomalies, ensuring enhanced accuracy in quality inspections.

Unleash the Power of EasyODM in the Wood Sector

See Automated Visual Inspection in Action

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