Harness the Power of Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer advanced machine vision software designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceuticals defect detection with easyODM ML software

Machine Vision Use Cases for Pharma

At EasyODM, our machine vision software revolutionizes quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry by accurately identifying various types of pill defects. With our advanced technology, we can effectively detect cracked, faulty engraving, and scratched pills, ensuring high-quality medication for patients.

Cracked pill inspection with easyODM


EasyODM’s machine learning algorithms can swiftly identify cracks in pills, helping to prevent potential risks and ensuring the integrity of the medication.

Faulty pill engraving easyODM

Faulty engraving

Our software can meticulously analyze pill engravings, flagging any inconsistencies or errors in the engraving process to maintain the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality.

Scratched pill defect easyODM soft


With EasyODM’s automated visual inspection, even subtle scratches on pills can be promptly detected, ensuring that only flawless medication reaches patients.

How It Works: Automated Visual Inspection Made Simple

With EasyODM, you can seamlessly integrate our software, utilize advanced techniques, and ensure accurate defect detection for enhanced product quality and efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

Data Acquisition

Capture visual data of the pharmaceutical products using your existing video monitoring hardware and software.

Image Processing

Enhance and transform the images to prepare them for analysis.

Feature Extraction

Extract relevant characteristics like shape, size, color, and texture from the images.

Machine Learning

Train models using labeled images to differentiate between acceptable and defective products.

Defect Detection

Real-time detection of deviations or abnormalities indicating defects.

Customization and Adaptation

Customize parameters to fit your specific requirements and workflows.

Why EasyODM?

Advantages of easyODM for the Pharma Industry

Benefit from the unmatched advantages of EasyODM automated visual inspection software.

Impeccable Objectivity

Our EasyODM software delivers impartial and unbiased inspection results, free from human bias.

Endurance Without Fatigue

The software operates tirelessly, eliminating the impact of fatigue on inspection accuracy.

Operational Safety in Challenging Environments

Our system operates safely in hazardous or risky conditions, prioritizing the well-being of human operators.

Consistent Performance

Experience unwavering and reliable performance from our system, maintaining consistent quality inspections over extended periods.

Precise Compliance with Instructions

Enjoy precise adherence to instructions without any subjective interpretation, ensuring consistent and accurate inspection outcomes.

Expanded “Visible” Spectrum

Leveraging an expanded “visible” spectrum, our software provides comprehensive detection capabilities for enhanced accuracy.

Harness the Potential of EasyODM in Pharma

Unlock the Power of Machine Vision

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